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The pile carpet was a necessary household item for people living in Central Asia, where Turks originated. During their migratory life span, nomads wove a variety of woolen textiles such as tents, rugs, kilims (flat weaves), felts, coverings, sacks, and satchels, and this activity became an important part of their lives. To weave rugs, nomads made warps, wefts and knots from their animals’ wool. Turks brought their carpet weaving tradition along with them when they migrated from Central Asia toward the West. In their carpet designs, they reflected their own lives as influenced by the climatic and geographic conditions to which they were subjected. They also added influences from their new living conditions and the impact of local cultures, and continued their tradition, albeit with modified colors and designs.
By the time following the Seljuks and the Ottomans that art and culture came to nowadays. The life style in Anatolia made that art stronger by nomad life, agriculture and livestock. Every house had a loom to weave carpet and all the women were weavers. Designs of Anatolian wool carpets were traditional, and colors, derived from plant-based dyes, were warm and endearing. The designs were created up to the life style of Anatolians, their wishes, thoughts and feelings. 
Nowadays, carpet weaving still continues in the villages of Anatolia. Our collection is totally by those stunning and historical Anatolian pieces...

Ori : Yörük Nomadic
Material : Wool -Wool
Size : 190 x 148 cm
Age : 45 years old
350 Euro

Ori : Yahyalı
Material : Wool -Wool
Size : 228 x 113 cm
Age : 70 years old
1.500 Euro

Ori: Fethiye Tribal Kilim
Mat : wool -wool
size :195x 130 cm
Age: 60 years old
sold sold sold sold
400 Euro

Ori:Taşpınar Anatolia
Size:129x51 cm
Age:45 years old
100 Euro

Ori : Obruk
Material : Wool -Wool
Size : 146 x 82 cm
Age : New
Sold sold sold sold
350 Euro

Ori : Yörük
Material : Wool -Wool
Size : 160 x119 cm
Age : 60 years old
300 Euro

Ori : Anatolian
Material : Wool -Wool
Size : 183 x118 cm
Age : New
200 Euro

Ori : Sumak
Material : Wool -Silk-coton
Size : 191 x110 cm
Age : 40 years old
450 Euro

Ori : Sumak
Material : Wool -Coton -Silk
Size : 195 x 120cm
Age : New
300 Euro